Friday, June 13, 2008

Starting Vegetarian Easy Tips

When I try to find some topic for this "Vegetarian is the best choice" blog, I found an article for friends who want to try to be a vegetarian. I took it because I think this is a good vegetarian tips. It just like my own way that i practiced when I tried to be a vegetarian about 8 years ago ^_^ , you can read this article below and I hope it useful for you too...

“Announcing: The Top 9 Easy Steps to Take When Starting A Veg Diet!”
Here's How To Get Started On The Way Towards Better Health and Vegetarianism . .

1.Start your transition by dropping junk foods, white sugar, and all meats, including fish and poultry.

2.Find others who are already vegetarian who can guide and support you during your shift e.g. veg forums, meet-ups and societies in your area.

3.Read books on vegetarianism and veganism. Or contact your state’s Vegan and Vegetarian Society who would be happy to send you a Veg Starter pack.

4.Try out recipes that substitute plant-based alternatives into your old favorite dishes. (e.g. veggie burgers, veggie sausages, veggie fish cakes, tofu or veggie pies and soy products). Hint: Convenience foods cut out cooking time. Natural food stores stock many such things for you to choose from.

5.Eat less and less meat and dairy (if you couldn’t give-up all meats at once, gradually delete them from your diet over a week or so), and eat more and more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Eat large salad every day (hint: make your salads as colorful as a rainbow for maximum nutrient content, with plenty of dark leafy greens.

6.Replace meat and dairy with a wide variety of organically grown whole grains like breads, beans, rice, nuts, pasta and cereals.

7.Don’t worry about protein. There is protein in all whole foods. Humans need only 8% dietary protein - that percent amount is found in an orange!

8.Get regular exercise, fresh air, and plenty of clean filtered water. Enjoy your journey, soon you will have more energy, a cleaner body, better skin, plus you'll feel much healthier and lighter, too!

9.Join the veg community, and educate yourself more about animal and cruelty free living. Here’s a good place to start

Thanks to Rebecca the founder of

Good tips is't it??
If you feel you have some "Natural Calling" or may be for "Body Calling" ...hi..don't be negative thinking. ;) I mean "health reason", you can try to practice it and please don't give up no matter what, just remember your first desire and put some enthusiasm for this. Once again... nothing is the best choice for your live except "Vegetarian, vegetarian and VEGETARIAN!
By the way, u can sharing about you too... or may be another tips?? (",) or you have your own vegetarian experience?? just put some comment in this blog ... see ya for another post...

Ps : I'm so sorry if my english isn't good becuse I live in a country that english is not the primary language...

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